Mollie Singh
Mollie Singh

"Use the creative process - singing, writing, art, dance, whatever - to get to know yourself better." -Catie Curtis


I live, I learn, I love, I teach. In no particular order.


Every time I write, I write from my heart.


Infinite Love and Money


Just released in May of 2021. My writing patner, Joel Salomon and I wrote this book as a guide for couples to connect with love, and together create a path for financial freedom. We bring our expertise of love and money respectively, to help lovers connect at a deeper level. Reading this book will help you understand each other’s financial backgrounds and money personality types. It will dive deep into the emotions surrounding money and finances as well as your dreams and desires. This coupled with some pragmatic ideas on how handle your finances, celebrate your differences and recover from your conflicts makes this the perfect guide for any couple at any point in their financial journey. Get your copy here!



Infinitely Loving Workbook


Released in September of 2020. Through this book, it is my greatest wish  to help couples create an Infinitely Loving connection. I combine the science behind relationships and the wisdom of the Law of Attraction to do this. It is available on Amazon at this link.



Lesson Learned from My Rescue Dog


Published in November of 2018. Read about my life with my first rescue dog. How Natalie, my pint sized dog with a huge heart taught me how to trust myself and what was really important: things like sharing food, watching out for each other, and the power of touch to make things better, or at least get through them. Rescuing this dog changed my life for the better, and I am here to pass those lessons on to you. If you’ve ever had a rescue pet or even thought about it, this book is for you.


Mollie Singh

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