Mollie Singh
Mollie Singh

 "Just when she thought her life was over, she became a butterfly!" -Unknown


Infinite Possibilities (The Art of Living Your Dreams) is a book written by Mike Dooley.


I am an Infinite Possibilites Trainer. I was introduced to Mike Dooley, best selling author of Infinite Possibilities via the movie The Secret. He was one of the featured authors. I was so intrigued with him that I signed up for his Notes from the Universe around 2001. I saw him in person during his first book tour a couple of years later. I so strongly believed that I could change my life, that eventually I did. I created a life that I absolutely love.


After some time, Mike  also created a training program based on his book, Infinite Possibilites. He called the workbook, The Art of Changing Your Life. His program helps trainers reach those that have not yet been reached to manifest the changes needed to create a life of their dreams. I felt a cosmic shift within myself that propelled me to share what I learned.


I am an Infinite Possibilities certified trainer and I help people manifest change in thier lives.

The Seven Principles That Make A Marriage Work written by John Gottman.


I am a certified Gottman 7 Principles Leader. I was introduced to this book when I was in a troubled relationship. At the time, it was too late to save us from divorce. However, I still believed in love with all my heart. And I knew I would find it. Eventually, I did. However, I wanted to ensure my new love and I were using all the resources we could find.


We went to the Gottman weekend workshop. And we learned some tried and true techniques for building a loving and lasting relationship. We learned how to connect and stay connected - even through the tough times. We also promised ourselves that we would continue to grow and learn throughout our relationship. After 5 years, we went back for our refresher weekend. And I learned that I could become a certified Gottman 7 Principles Leader so that I could help other couples as well.


I am excited to coach my clients in both Infinite Possibilities and the 7 Principles. I have written a workbook emcompassing both of these techniques. It is my sincere hope that it will help couples connect at a deeper level. And bring more love into this work. It is available on Amazon.


Please contact me if you would like more information and/or coaching.

Mollie Singh

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