Dr. Mollie Singh
Dr. Mollie Singh

What clients say IP training with Mollie

"With Mollie's help, I have been able to delve into the connection between beliefs, thoughts, and dreams, and really get how important it is to uphold my dreams by changing my limiting beliefs.  She has also helped me remember how important it is to celebrate my successes and reconnect to my instincts instead of worrying so much over 'how'.  I truly know that I am meant to succeed, and that this universe holds many gifts for me. Mollie has been a constant resource to help me open my eyes (and keep reopening them!) to this truth, and to Infinite Possibilities.  She is steadfast in modeling this in her own life and work, and she is generous with offering her energy and light to others.  Her passion for this work, and for Infinite Possibilities in our sessions have helped me push forward in my career and in understanding what truly matters to me." 


M. Sheer, 

Dance educator


"I can't speak highly enough of this woman and all the great change she is bringing to people's lives. She has always been a source of positive and supportive energy in life and career, but it wasn't until recently she started working with me as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and my life has truly truly changed (I honestly feel like a whole new person). I was surrounded by so many unsatisfying circumstances, I was depressed, I had all these roadblocks within myself keeping me back from the things I truly wanted and through this work with her, I was able to identify my limitations, strip down the negative circumstances surrounding my life and truly and intentionally create a life I want. I am proud to say today that I have a life I love living and I make it my ambition to have only great days. I owe so much of this to her. The work is so important but I also think the trainer makes all the difference in how well the work is received and I am so grateful I found someone as smart, generous, passionate and paitent about this as her."

Christie V.


Dr. Mollie Singh


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