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A Marriage Blessing for Tara©


Each partner holds a hand against the other's hand such that all their fingers line up.


Blessing: Please notice that your hands move in sync, forward, backward, and side to side. As one moves, the other bends. Back and forth we go, in partnership.


Now, just separate your thumbs. Remember that the thumb always points back at us. This reminds us that we are individuals who come into this relationship. We are responsible for ourselves and should remember we must take some time for ourselves and our own growth.


Now, just separate the index fingers. This finger is the one we use to point to the other. With this finger, we are reminded that there is another person in this relationship, our partner. We must make room to care for the growth of our partner. We must remember to honor their journey.


As the middle finger separates…. Well, let's just say this is the finger that reminds us we can speak without saying a word. This finger reminds us that we must be thoughtful with our words. It is also the center of our hands, and it reminds us we are at the center of our community. We must remember we come first.


Now, as we separate the ring finger, we realize this finger is the weakest of all fingers when separated. It is also the finger that we place our rings on. Why is that? It is to remind us that we are stronger when we are together.


Last, as we separate our pinky fingers, we make the pinky promise to one another that indeed, we will remember the lessons from all our fingers, and we will hold hands knowing we are one.


* This work is copyrighted. It is free for you to use. Please note, it must include that it was originally for Tara written by Mollie Singh


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Who am I?

I am a published author and a university professor. My books are available on Amazon - via this link and this link. I write about love. In my first book, I wrote about the lessons in life and love that I learned from my rescue dog. In my second book, I combine my lessons of life, love, Law of Attraction, and marriage. I also teach Project Management and Business Operations at the University level. I'm a Couples Love Coach and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. I help couples connect and stay connected.  I help people live their best lives.



In my life, I have had five passions  - writing, dance, technology, education, and love. I started dance lessons when I was two. Most of my life, I focused on Indian styles of dance. However, today, I am constantly trying new styles. I created a successful dance company that offered classes and performances in the Pacific Northwest. Please check out the Dance page.


For my day job, I started in the technical field, working on computers. I loved connecting with people and sharing so much, that I pivoted toward working on projects. I enjoyed helping to explain the new technologies we deployed in their environment. This led me to Project Management, where I earned three certifications in the different methodologies.  The pursuit of education still tugged at me. I went back to get my MBA at Georgia Tech in 2015. I started to teach at the university level in 2017.


While I had mentored younger family and dance students, in 2013, I got involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Atlanta. Later, I initiated a business mentoring business. I found that what I enjoyed most was the community involvement and connecting with people about their passions. I have had the good fortune to have great teachers, mentors, and friends. They shaped me into the person I am today. To that end, the Infinite Possibilities program allows me to be that for others. I love connecting with people in this positive manner. This program helps build people up, manifest change, and live the life of their dreams.


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