Dr. Mollie Singh
Dr. Mollie Singh


"My hope is that my work will continue to resonate with future generations and inspire them to pursue their dreams."
- Alvin Ailey

My name is Dr. Mollie Singh, and I have five passions in my life: dancing, mentoring, community, writing, and business.


These passions have intertwined to create a rich tapestry of experiences and achievements. Starting my dance journey at the age of 2½, I delved into Bharat Natyam at 8, culminating in a solo performance. My love for dance led me to establish a Bollywood troupe in Seattle, earning recognition from CNN Money and the Seattle Times. To grow as a business owner and consultant, I decided to pursue further education. I earned my MBA in Global Studies from Georgia Tech and taught Project Management and Business Operations as an adjunct instructor, blending my expertise as a certified PMP and Agile Scrum Master to foster both academic and practical learning environments. I went on to earn my Doctorate of Education from USC, where my research focused on enhancing youth mentoring organizations.


Learning and mentoring have always been central to my life, beginning with the mentorship of young dancers and expanding to formal roles where I continue to help individuals and organizations thrive. This commitment to guidance naturally extends to my work as a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer and Gottman 7 Principles Leader, where I coach individuals and couples to build deeper connections. My publications, including "Infinite Love and Money" and the "Infinitely Loving Workbook," reflect my dedication to love, education, and personal growth. Through all my endeavors, from writing blessings to performing at prestigious venues, I strive to create something beautiful and meaningful.


I work with a great network. Our experienced wellness and business professionals are constantly up to date with the latest trends and best practices. We are passionate about bringing great services to you. We are here to offer one-on-one coaching or consulting to you and your organization.